Backpass: Total Shitshow

Colorado blows the Rocky Mountain Cup in spectacular fashion, going down to nine men and losing 6-0.

Backpass: We can get there from here

The scene at SKC's Children's Mercy Park is electric. Is that kind of atmosphere possible at DSGP?

Backpass: Tearing apart eight seconds of football

Backpass: The Complete Transfer History of Padraig Smith, Part 3

Backpass: The Complete Transfer History of Padraig Smith, Part 2

Backpass: The Complete Transfer History of Padraig Smith, Part 1

As we enter the transfer window, let's evaluate all the moves of the Colorado Rapids since Padraig Smith joined the club.

Backpass: Soccer is the sport of the pessimist

Halfway through the season, and it's time to be honest with what we can expect. In a glass-is-half-empty kind of way.

Backpass: Played in Cathedrals and Cottages

The totality of the soccering experience is not merely the 90 minutes on the pitch. It also includes the stadium experience. Here was mine at Banc of California Stadium.

Backpass: Quitting the Rapids

Tim Howard, Tommy Smith, and Anthony Hudson all give their takes on Stefan Aigner leaving the squad. Plus: should Rapids fans say 'enough is enough', and just walk away at this point?

Backpass: Gary Smith will have his revenge

Seventh straight loss, in as few words as possible; a preview of Open Cup foes Nashville SC; my thoughts on the state of soccer writing.

Backpass: Stupidity is Killing Us

Does the team just need 'little tweaks' to get to the playoffs? Or should we tear up the script and make a new plan?

Backpass: The Bile is Rising

Another loss has fans wondering if this team will ever get it together.

Backpass: Rapids awkward date with VAR

Rapids get Toledo'ed by VAR call. Also a look at the salary dump, Aignergate continues, and Hudson to Sunderland?

Backpass: WTF is up with this squad selection?

Kip Colvey over Dillon Serna, and other eternal mysteries.